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Kanda Work is focused on speed optimization in terms of real-world performance for the modern web where your customer satisfaction is based on your overall UX strategy. Go!

Web Development & Branding Package
Plus Kanda Support

Entails branding, basic aspects of search engine optimization (SEO) together with the basic security package

What Do You Get with this Package?

This package has a strong emphasis on managed branding where we create/re-create your logo + assets via Kanda Brand while providing you with guidance and 1 year of access to Kanda Brand Ultimate

Web Development

We'll provide the domain (if not already acquired) and post development needs on the basis of a contract-less relationship. This package includes 4 pages of web pages. We can increase the number of pages on demand.

Marketing Galore

We'll actively manage your email newsletter as well as content scheduling for your social media platforms via Kanda Social.

Kanda Support

Kanda Support is split in two. Our designated support system as well as one that we deploy for you to provide the best possible human-centric system for your clients. In this package, you get both - more details later.

Kanda Social Ultimate

This package comes with Kanda Social ultimate which is a plan under Kanda Social for large teams with 1TB of storage for a year. Considering this package is branding-focused, we want you to be able to actively post on social media as well. With an annual subscription discount at 35% for this package, you get your first year of Kanda Social Ultimate free. 

Kanda Brand Ultimate

Use our logo and asset platform to improve your website over time with unique images for your blog posts, pages and more. We'll also actively work with you in creating professional assets to use on your website as you grow.

Kanda Access Club

All our clients are automatically signed up to our Kanda Access Club that includes our loyalty program. More details later.

DIY Questionnaire

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Conversational system

Kanda Bot can be deployed on your website, too

Our Kanda Support system is available around the clock